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19 Dec 2012 

Guide in Choosing Vanity Numbers

800 numbers boost company's imageThe first way to employ an effective telephone system is choosing an easy-to-recall vanity number. Vanity numbers of 800 numbers are mix of digits and numbers that will form as a hot line number representing a company, a brand or a product. These are the numbers advertised along with the products/services in different advertising media. Choosing of vanity numbers is a very crucial step since it might direct the business to success or failure.

Businesses must be reminded that vanity numbers are the key link to consumers. If it can't gain spot in your consumer's minds, it can probably deliver the company to losses. Thus, before choosing a vanity number for yourself, take this tips:

I. Make It AlphaNumeric
Human tend to recall words than numbers. When you are getting a toll free number, make it alphanumeric so it can be easily memorized and can stick to a viewer's minds even at one glance.

II. Avoid Hybrid Numbers
When you are choosing a vanity number or 800 numbers, make use of catchy and easily recalled ones. You can do no good for number likes 1800-452- PETS but it is better to have a 1800-LovePets. As you can see, it is not common and will associate your phone number to emotional aspect of getting the product for your pet.

III. Use Humor
Since you can use letters in your phone number, you can make it catchy or humorous. Playing with letters and numbers can be fun but you must consider G-rated, not vulgar or barbaric humor words incorporated in the number. The vanity number can be very memorable for a consumer since it may touch his/her sensible sights. However, you must be cautious in making it humorous because it might make your brand memorably funny.

IV. Rhymes in The Numbers
Rhymes are very easy to recall. This is more effective when spoken loud through TV and radio ads. When an effective rhyming vanity number is made, it will ring like a jingle and can be easily repeated by a consumer.

V. Simple Spelling
Remember that this number should be accurately spelled by the consumer. A wrongly spelled vanity number may call your competitor, thus, you must employ “wrong spelling wrong” habit. Avoid the use “Q” and “Z” because not all keypads will have this letters on it. Another thing is to avoid confusion among your consumers. For example 1800-GirlsShirts can be spelled with one S when there is supposed to be 2Ss or vice versa. When you are into picking vanity numbers choose simple words but memorable ones.

VI. Original and Industry Related
Choosing a vanity number is critical especially for those who are just starting up using telephone systems. The choice of these numbers should be industry related so that it can be easily associated with the product you are selling. You can use your company name, if it is already known in the public. However, if it is not yet largely known, choose a product name or specific benefit from the product you are selling. For example, instead of using 1800-JOHNFEIR for John Feir's salon and spa treatment, you can use 1800- SPATREATMENT.
Vanity numbers or 800numbers are not just numbers you can take for granted. It will represent your company and the product you sell. It will be a channel of receiving bulk of calls from potential customers since they will not pay for any minutes they can take.
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14 Dec 2012 

Incorporate Effective Telephone Systems in Business Strategies

The market is highly saturated and cluttered. With the internet becoming the most viable medium of transactions, production and promotions of product should be taken as a no easy job. Most of the time, business ventures become a failure if it didn't meet the expectations of its target markets or to th extent of not knowing the market they are catering. Businesses should focus on what the customer really needs or wants. Questions like, “will they like it”, “can they pay for it” or “will they pay for it” should be properly evaluated prior to mass production.

Every business ventures have relative costs. The expenses mostly go to promotion. Promoting a product isn't easy. With the stumbling economy and financial crisis, promoting a product to the wrong target market can cause deficit instead of profit. The mainstream then focus on the customer and the information about them that are essential to planning and implementing business strategies. One way to know more about your customer is to create a niche of communication with them. A direct communication through effective telephone systems is considered as an efficient way of understanding your target market.

How Can Telephone System Work?

When you hear about telephone systems, you would probably think about call centers anywhere in the world, customer service and telesales representatives who may ask you about your product preferences,  profile and demographics. However, these are just parcel of parts of how telephone systems really work.  To have a clear view of how it can help you succeed in a business venture, take a look at the process below.

    a bright idea for great vanity number
  • You Will Be Picking A Vanity Phone Number

Vanity numbers served as direct hotline useful for customers. It will represent the company and its offerings. When you made a product, you will be advertising it, vanity numbers are helpful in being a choice of your customer. An effective vanity number will stick to the minds of the viewers or listeners. And this will serve as their reference for future purchases.

  • The Call Will Be Rerouted to Call Centers

Most huge businesses utilize outsourcing practices for their customer services. An effective telephone system can provide an effective call routing software that can set up and manage complex routing profiles. Call routing is very crucial because the caller is a prospective customer. When the calls are managed effectively, it will increase conversion rates and will decrease abandoned calls.

  • Tracking the Calls

Every business conversation with a customer should be tracked down or recorded. This is essential for businesses to maintain quality service and deliver expected performances. An effective telephone system can provide a databases of records that in a click you can find the call that you are looking for. Call tracking is also essential because it is where you can get your customer responses towards the new product or existing ones on their account. Through their inputs you can restrategize and remix your media to make a better way of serving them.

  • Effective Data Management

data management for businessA cluttered information is hard to understand. Despite having all the needed information when it is not properly sorted out, you may perceive it as useless. An effective telephone system must be able to provide an easy-to-understand formatted report or a customizable report that will be comfortable and understandable for the business owners. Through this, it will be easy to adjust to your market demands.

No matter how huge or small the business is, when an effective telephone system is incorporated in the business plans, it can assume effectiveness in the mix of strategies. All business ventures focus on what the customer wants and so is the goal of a telephone system.
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